Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wally The Wart and Beetle Juice Follow Up Post

Its sorta funny to be writing an blog entry on our “family blog” about the ginormous wart that I had on my toe earlier this year….you remember the one I named ”Wally”….I could have made him his own Instagram and he TOTALLY would have had followers! haha All my friends loved seeing the pictures but were so grossed out by them..hahaha
But I feel that I should update people since so many strangers find my blog when searching the internet about plantars warts, beetle juice treatments, etc.  When you google beetle juice treatment for warts my blog can be found on the 2nd page of results…so I’ve had lots of random people leave comments on this particular blog post. Just Say NO to Beetle Juice! which is dated in March 2012. Like for instance, yesterday a man left me a comment about his experience with the beetle juice treatment and how he was told to pop the blisters, etc. etc. little does he know that the beetle juice episode was horrible and totally didn’t work ((…for me anyway))

And since many randoms don’t “follow” the blog they never continue reading to find out that my Wally the Wart came back with a vengeance and had to be surgically removed in June 2012…posted here Downsizing…RIP Wally the Wart

Now 6 months later I still get scared that Wally will return…my podiatrist told me that the scaring would be knarly…but oh man I didn’t think it would look like it does! Since going through chemo I don’t heal the same…my scars keloid and my toe is NO different!!

Here is the progression of Wally…starting in Feb. 2012…
(and to think I thought it was big then psshhhh)

Days after the Beetle Juice Treatment in March 2012…


After the doctor “cleaned it up” after the treatment on March 16th…I thought my days of having a huge wart were gone and left the doc office feeling so relieved….


Then….in May 2012 the wart was back…and BIG and NASTY! And I cried!


So it had to be surgically removed on June 15th, 2012

After months and months of healing…it now looks like this!…12-22_4
((Please excuse my dry-ness…8.5 months prego and my arms just aren’t long enough to reach my toes anymore! haha))

THAT my friends is a scar…can you believe that…huge huh!?!?! Keloids SUCK!  Its ugly I know…but the only time I think/worry about it is when I’m getting a pedicure. I know the ladies are talkin’ sh*t about my toe in Vietnamese but I tell them to not touch my scar…I had surgery (I never mention it was to remove Wally!) haha  Of course Wally CAN still return…and I check everyday to make sure he’s still gone…but keep your fingers crossed people that he doesn’t come back to say HELLO…ever!!

For those of you going through plantar wart wars I feel for you…its NOT fun!!


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  2. I happened to stumble upon this post somehow and thought it was really funny, probably because I can relate so well. I had an almost identical experience - however the bottom of my foot required multiple "surgeries"-- each one covering a larger surface than before. My husband made fun of me for calling it "minor surgery", so I'm glad I can show him it wasn't over exaggeration. I have a huge scar on the bottom of my foot years later so next time I think I will do some research before letting someone cut off a huge chunk of my foot