Friday, June 15, 2012

Downsizing…RIP Wally The Wart


I’ll start this post off pleasant (since its gonna end up ugly!).  The Souza family is “downsizing”…not really…Owen just got rid of some moppy hair and I’m got rid of my “growth” haha that’s sizing down literally if you ask me!  

We were trying to go for the cute scruffy hair look for Owen this summer.  You know that cute surfer/beach mop.  But after a few mornings of fighting with him to let us brush it I decided that it was kinda lookin’ to “walmartish” anyway…we were in need of a cut!!


So off it came….and now he looks so handsome!

Now….to the “good stuff”.  For those of you that have weak stomachs it’s probably a good time to sign off….

But I’m sure many of you remember the horrific pictures I posted in the blog post titled Just Say NO to Beetle Juice!  Well at that moment, I thought I was in the clear…I thought the painful treatment of the beetle venom killed my huge wart once and for all….weelllllll I was wrong!! I think the beetle juice just pissed it off….and it came back with a revengence!  I emailed my podiatrist pictures and we decided it needed to be surgically removed BUT would have to wait until after the cruise since there would be an open wound on my foot for a while…

This wart grew so big I even named him “Wally”…and I think Delta Airlines was going to make be buy an extra ticket just for him!!! It was disgustingly large…and totally embarrassing!

Meet Wally….
That was this  morning…pre-surgical removal.

I have no clue why I was so nervous about this little procedure. Seriously…I’ve given birth…a bone marrow biopsy…a port-a-cath removal (which was done with just a local anesthetic)…scar treatments…lots and lots of stuff that REALLY hurts…but I was having major anxiety about this darn thing.  I knew that warts bleed a lot (I do NOT like blood)…and I was nervous I’d feel something.  I brought my iphone in with me…to sneak some pictures…but my doc was SUPER cool and took some pictures for me!

When they got me suited up…I was shakey…haha I know I’m so pathetic.

This minor toe procedure was kinda intense! The nurse brought me in and got me all prepped.  I had a turnakit (spelling?) around my ankle to stop/slow the blood flow during the procedure…


And the Doc came in and started working…and by gosh the numbing was very sore…not he sorest thing I’ve experienced but it was definitely up there!! He was working in that toe for about 45 minutes….as he said…”this guy doesn’t want to part with you…”  (barf)


I mentioned my husband being bummed and not getting to come in and see this…so the doc said he'd take good pictures to show him (and the rest of the world! heehee).
Pulling the wart away from my toe… (BARF)


This is Wally…heading to pathology to get biopsied to make sure it was just a wart.  See the size of that thing…absolutely disgusting!


And now…I’m left with this open wound to care for…

They don’t stitch it up…they just leave it.   And I’m not back in my “designer shoes”…


I have to leave this bandage on for 24 hours…then soak it twice a day in Epsom salt, apply antibiotic ointment and a bandaid until I go back to the nurse in 1 week and then the actual doc in 2 weeks. We don’t have anything planned for this lovely Father’s Day weekend since I wasn’t sure how much pain I’m going to be. I’m actually kinda nervous to wake up tomorrow…

And I JUST noticed my bandage right now as I was crawling out of Owen’s room…


So here’s to a “fun” week…but as long as this bad boy does NOT come back after this it’ll all be worth it! Cheers everyone…and ps. WEAR flip flops or some type of covers in the spray tanning booth…I swear that is where I got this!


  1. i thought warts were non contagious and just in your system...

  2. Hi Erin, I have been following ur story about this. I have tried everything to get rid of the 4 warts on my foot. Thursday I went and seen my podiatrist and he put the venom on mine. Hours later I'm n loads of excruciating pain (not good for a single mom of 3) everytime I stand upu can feel my heartbeat n my foot and what feels like stepping on a hot piece of coal and it being stuck to ur skin. I get the cold sweat and feel faint from the pain. By Saturday I'm taking my butt to the ER because I can no longer deal with the pain and no medicine I am SCREAMING & CRYING in the waiting room. They end up giving me meds and never removed the tape from the wound but tell me its infected. I return to my podiatrist first thing Monday because the pain meds aren't working and the pressure from the blisters are extremely painful so he looks at it and tells me its NOT infected and he punctures the blisters OUCH! He changed my pain meds and told me to let the wounds try to dry out. I get home take the medicine and proceed to drain the blisters more like the Dr told me to do then the medicine finally knocks me out. I wake up to it being so dry and still excruciatingly painful. Put some ointment on it and take more meds. I wish my Dr would have informed me more about what I was about to go through. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone! I just wanted to tell u thank u so much for all the pictures u posted. It helped me realize that I'm not the only one that has done this procedure. But after seeing that "Wally" came back with a vengeance I am worried! I hope that this first round took care of it. I have bumped mine on a weight bench and my daughter accidentally hit it then I accidentally hit it on the weight bar in the floor. Everytime I have bumped it just a little bit it has put me n the floor screaming. I sure hope this works. But throughout the passed few days I was just telling them to cut my foot off. Lol the Dr. Said I got the warts from my kids and them running around outside barefoot can bring the virus into the house and I could pick it up that way. My kids rarely go outside without shoes on. But I hate shoes and mostly wear flip flops year round he also said I needed to throw out the shoes I have wore during the time period of having the warts or I could get them back. I feel like this has crippled me. Crazy how something so small could cause so many problems. I hope u are doing better now after the surgery. Best of Luck to u!